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Real-Time Analytics - Future Is Now (by Juwel Rana)


In 2011, Facebook introduces real time analytics for social plugins to give better analytics on how people interact with digital content and to help optimize digital space in real-time. According to Ericsson, “Real-time analytics yield “fresh data” insights, which can support a far greater range of use cases, including proactive operations, agile customer care, and experience-based marketing.”
Today, Real-time data processing becomes possible as data processing moves from being costly, isolated and offline to being affordable, linked and online. This, in turn, leads to improved monitoring of services and faster identification of pattern changes. This enables immediate and accurate decision making, which is key for modern telecommunications operators.
In general, after capturing or aggregating data, modern cross-domain analytics architecture provides two types of data channels such as streaming data and batch/historical data to the query engine for visualization and exposure purposes. However, the area of multi-source streaming data analytics hasn’t been that explored in the last decades. This research seminar is about challenges, opportunities, industry driven use-cases for the research domain of real time data analytics.

Dr. Juwel Rana holds a Phd in Pervasive and Mobile Computing. He has been active in industrial and academic research settings since 2006. He has research experience from the Create-net research centre, the University of Trento, Luleå University of Technology, The Centre for Distance-spanning Technology, Ericsson Research – Luleå and Ericsson Research – Silicon Valley. He has as well contributed to several EU funded projects, EIT/ICT Labs projects, Swedish national funded projects, and industrial research projects. He published more than twenty scientific articles and two patents applications.
Currently, Dr. Rana is working at the Media Technology Department at Linnaeus University (LNU) as a senior lecturer and at the Data Analytics Department at the Telenor Group research as a Data Scientist. His research interests span from social media to big data analytics that aim at simplifying communication within large-scale social networks, as well as innovating new social pervasive and mobile services to deal with upcoming challenges in area of real-time data analytics, data privacy, sharing open data and social media data, and so on.

Recording: https://connect.sunet.se/p20ba6rm83t/

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