How to get there

From Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, not Sweden’s capital. However, due to its proximity to Växjö, and the good connections it offers, Kastrup (Copenhagen’s airport) becomes the most suitable airport to reach Växjö.

Train: Kastrup airport is located on top of a train station, which has direct connection with Växjö train station. At the airport, you will find the facilities to buy train tickets to Växjö, so there is no need to buy the train tickets in advance. However, you may want to check to check the timetables to reach Växjö (as trains are not offered during the night).

Car: Even it is possible to rent cars at Kastrup’s airport (Copenhagen), we do not recommend this option for small groups. Traveling by car from Kastrup takes longer time than taking the train option, plus you will be asked to pay the Denmark-Sweden bridge (around 500SEK per way), which will increase your expenses.


From Stockholm

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, and this city may be your choice of flying destination on your way to the VI Ubimus event.

There are several way to reach Växjö from Stockholm, including flights, train, bus and car rentals.

Flights: For flight tickets, we suggest to check your preferred flight search site, such as or

Train: Trains are a common and comfortable transportation mean in Sweden. Check the timetables in advance, as trains do not run in Sweden during the 24h. URL:

Bus: Bus tickets can be a more economic way of reaching Växjö from Stockholm. One site that can be consulted to book a bus ticket is Svenskabuss.  URL:
Notice that the bus departs from the City Center, so you may require to take a transportation mean from the airport to the city center. Timetables:

Car: Cars can be rented at the airports in Stockholm. You can request a GPS device to define your route to Växjö. In Sweden, roads are free of tolls, however, you may consider the price of the gasoline (1.30SEK/l diesel, 1.4SEK/l Gas) as an additional cost to the rental expenses. Driving from Stockholm to Växjö can require from 5 to 6 hours.